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If we are serious about the quality of life we want to pass on to our children and the world we are expecting them to live in, we have to take action now.

Our decision to create an "environmentally sustainable" business is a genuine choice and one we embrace wholeheartedly. So, everything we do will be open to question, subject to scrutiny and as transparent as we can make it. We don't know all the answers and we have a long path to travel, but we will always be taking positive action.

Our aim is to maximise our contribution to the community and finding ways to meet our current needs without threatening the future of our children.

Our objectives are split into 2 categories:

  • Our communities – by investing in them both financially and through the time invested in local charities by our people
  • Our environment – by reducing waste and energy usage and educating and promoting positive environmental action with our children

Our journey is continually evolving and we encourage parents and children alike to take active participation in this. See what this involves and how we are implementing this on our news pages.

 We have recently become Litter Champs by participating in a Keep Wales Tidy intiative too. 

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