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At Plantos Day Nursery we take great pride and care in the high standard and quality of the food we offer. We have won awards from the local health board for our healthy snack and have also achieved the silver award from Cardiff Council for food preparation.

We use fresh produce and all our meals are prepared and cooked daily on the nursery premises. Our chef is highly qualified and has many years of experience of catering for large numbers and has certification in food hygiene and food preparation as do our other staff members who occasionally assist in the kitchen.

All baby meals are sugar and salt free. Special diets and vegetarian options can be catered for daily. All children have access to milk and drinking water. Our menus are specialised around a balanced diet but also caters for what the children like! Menus are changed weekly to ensure variety.

A child that eats a well balanced diet makes a healthy, happy, energetic little person.

For babies, we offer either menu depending on your babies dietary requirements and the stage reached in introducing dairy products, meats, etc. Lumps will also be slowly introduced.

All food is detailed on your daily reports as to what your child has eaten. You can also find the daily menu including snacks on our menu display in the nursery’s foyer. 

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