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The building

Our nursery is a large detached, converted house with bright spacious rooms each with large windows and high ceilings which allows in ample natural light.
Each base room is bright and airy and contains a wide variety of stimulating toys and equipment especially chosen to suit the age and development of the children in that room.
The safety of your children is paramount and each room is therefore, fitted with finger guards on the doors and safety gates.

Baby room

The Orange room is home to the youngest of our 2 and under section allowing 9 children, with a ratio of 1:3. We actively encourage heuristic play and messy play to stimulate all aspects of the children’s development in accordance with the Birth to Three Matters Framework.

Tots room

The Red room is a larger room allowing 9 children with a ratio of 1:3. Again, we encourage learning through play by providing a range of stimulating activities such as art & craft, messy play, basic role-play and planned activities to promote the Birth to Three Matters Framework.

Toddler room

Yellow room is home to the older of our 2 and under section allowing 8 children. Although the ratio is still 1:3, the children are gaining independence and personal development is encouraged. Activities are again, based upon learning through play and developing their imaginations during role-play.

Pre-school and Rainbow room

The pre-school room is a large busy room for 18 children aged 2 – 5. Activities are a little more structured, but still largely based around learning through play whilst covering the seven areas of learning. We also actively promote the Foundation Phase by encouraging lots of outdoor play.


The Rainbow room is also located on the ground floor and we can accommodate 6 children aged from pre-school age and above in this room. The planning is the same as that of the pre-school room.

We provide out of school care for children aged 4 – 8 years. We run breakfast and after school club with a pick up and drop off service to selected local schools. During school holidays we provide full day care with freshly prepared home made meals. We also offer an extensive range of both indoor and outdoor activities.


Learning also takes place outside of the nursery. Children enjoy the opportunity to play outside in our large secure garden complete with safety flooring.
We also have fun going for walks and outings to the local park, library and other local places of interest. In 2019 we had the opportunity to improve our outdoor areas by introducing great learning equipment for the children together with a fantastic castle climbing frame which the chlidren totally love!

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